SFATW : Souvenirs From Around The World

Hello everyone !!

This post is about the SFATW project hosted by Marie at drizzle and hurricane books and also to announce that I’ll be participating in it. 😀


The purpose of the SFATW project is to get to know more bloggers better, connect with bloggers from around the world and share ideas and gifts (the gifts aren’t a compulsion).

So, How does it work ? What do you have to do ?

It has two parts to it and entries for the two parts are separate. So, if you want to participate for the first part but stay away from the second part, you can do so. There’s no obligation. However, you can’t skip directly to the second part since participating in the first part will help you know the people you’d potentially be paired with for the second part.

Part 1Getting to know each other –  All you have to do is go to the original post and leave a comment mentioning your name, the name of your blog and a few of your favourite books. In a couple of weeks Marie will put up a post mentioning all the bloggers participating in the feature and from there, you can blog hop and find new bloggers and make blog friends.

Part 2 – Sharing the love The subscription for this part will be separate. Upon subscription, you’ll be paired with another blogger from the ones who are participating. You can then send each other gifts, books, etc Also, if you’re worried about budget and shipping, you will be able to choose what and how much you want to send and whether you want to send it internationally or within your country. (Tip from me : If you’re sending a book to a blogger in another country, send a book about your country or by an author from your country)

If you’re interested in participating, check the original post and comment with the details mentioned.

Hope to see you there 🙂 😇

– Vrinda.

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