A Thank You Note !

Hello Bookish People,

Here’s wishing all the DADs out there a Happy Father’s Day !! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ A small non-bookish post for today.

On this very special day, I thought I’ll post a thank you note to my father. This June also marks his 12th death anniversary, seemed like an ideal time for this post.

Picture credit : Puffin India (Facebook)

Thank you Dad (or Achan as I called him), for introducing me to the world of books. For all the times you took me to the bookstore and browsed through the shelves with me, for hours. For the times you recommended your favourite reads and showed me how to handle the books carefully. Thank you, for introducing me to a world which provided solace and comfort when you couldn’t be there. Reading the last book you ever recommended, I realised you and I are perfectly like Atticus and Scout. I still meet you through the pages of that book.

Thank you Dad ! For the times we sat in the balcony, you drinking brandy and me pretending my apple-juice was alcohol, talking about the stars, planets and galaxies; discussing my latest read and answering every little question I had.

Thank you Dad ! For introducing me to science and history. When other children heard bedtime stories about princesses, fairies and knights in shining armour; my bedtime stories were about scientists, kings and inventors. Alexander the great, Leonardo Da Vinci, Copernicus, Madam Curie and the Wright brothers were my favourites. Thank you for encouraging my curiosity and for showing me that science can be fun. I owe my love for science to you.

Thank you Dad ! For teaching me how to love myself, teaching me how to handle criticism and to be independent. Thank you for showing me how to be patient and kind. In the 10 years that I spent with you, I learnt everything I ever needed to know.

Thank you for helping me become the woman I am.


13 thoughts on “A Thank You Note !

    1. Thank you Marie 😊 That quote’s from a recently released memoir called “Looking for the rainbow” by Ruskin Bond. I’ll be getting it in a subscription box. If you can find any of Bond’s works, do read them. We Indians love him. His writing is simple and yet beautiful. These days he mostly writes children’s books but you can always find his collections of short stories and older works.

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  1. A wonderful memoir to a loving father! Happy Father’s Day πŸ™‚
    β€œTireless work, infinite time, pain unexpressed,
    He’s my teacher, values and lessons, he has showered.”
    This Father’s Day, celebrate by reading my ode β€œFather” at
    Hope you will like it and don’t forget to leave a comment as it’s precious πŸ™‚

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