Attention Potterheads ! 

Hello bookish people !

So, I was supposed to put up a tag this Thursday. Actually, it was supposed to be put up last Sunday, but then I realised it’s father’s day. Now again, this came up and I went “Oh, I have to do a post on this”. Since I don’t post more than twice a week (because if I do that, I’ll run out of ideas sooner), no post this Thursday. So, the tag’s postponed (Again !!). 

Now let’s get to the news then. 

Picture credit : Pottermore

If you’re a potterhead and fan-girl over Harry potter all the time, then this is the most exciting news this week. A virtual space where you can discuss about all things HP !!

Pottermore along with Bloomsbury and Scholastic has started the Wizarding World Book Club in celebration of Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary. Yes ! The first HP book was published on 26th of June, 1997.

The club opened this Monday. There’s a read-along of all the HP books and starting next Monday (26th June) there’ll be discussions on various topics where you can analyze and discuss interesting themes and topics from the books. Starting with the first book for the months of June and July. The weekly discussions would be held every Friday from 4pm (BST).

Before that though, on this Friday (23rd), you can introduce yourself to the rest of the club on twitter. 

The topic for the first week is Magic and the Muggle World, which will cover the first 4 chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The schedule for discussions related to the first book is :

Week 1: Welcome to the Wizarding World Book Club

Week 2: Magic and the Muggle World

Week 3: First Impressions

Week 4: Education

Week 5: Friendship

Week 6: Heroes and Villains

If you’re interested (of course you are, if you’re a potterhead !), join the club here on Pottermore and follow the club on twitter @wwbookclub.

See you there, fellow potterheads !!


9 thoughts on “Attention Potterheads ! 

  1. Ohhh what a fantastic idea, I had no idea they did that! It’s such a great way to celebrate. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years, it seems crazy – and makes me feel old ahah 🙂
    I wish I could participate but time is not on my side this time ahah. I hope you’ll have tons of fun 🙂

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