Award : The Liebster Award

Hello Bookish and Non-Bookish People ! (Because why leave the non-bookish folks out ?)


I was nominated for this by Maggie @ The Caramel Files. The Liebster Award is for bloggers with 200 or fewer followers. It’s an online recognition given to new bloggers as a token of appreciation for their blogs and posts.

So now, as per the rules, first step in accepting the Liebster award is to discuss one of my favourite blogs to visit. For this, I’ve chosen the amazingly talented Surya’s blog Soo Nathan. Her blog features her latest art works and a description and her thoughts related to that particular illustration or painting. I absolutely love her art work. Also, her writing is as beautiful as her art. Every morning, the first thing I do on WordPress is visit her blog to read her latest post. If you haven’t visited her blog yet, you absolutely must !! You can also buy some of her work including some very pretty bookmarks on her facebook page.

Step 2: Now, to answer the questions by Maggie :

1. What’s your most cherished book ?

I’m going to assume it says “books” and nnotot book. Since it says “cherished” and not just a favourite, I’d have to say Malgudi days by R.K.Narayan, Alice in wonderland, Aesop’s fables, Panchatantra. Also, tinkle comics ! (Which Indian kid didn’t like that stuff ?)

2. What is your all time favourite movie ?

The Rocky Series !! I grew up watching those movies and I still re-watch them every now and then.

3. What would you consider to be your worst habit ?

I used to bite my nails, but now I’ve stopped. So currently, I would say procrastination ?

4. When did you realise just how much you adore reading ?

I don’t remember, really ! I’ve always loved reading. I loved reading from the moment I learnt the alphabets.

5. What made you decide to start blogging ?

First the frustration of not having anyone to discuss about books with. Then, the discovery of BookTube, followed by the realisation that talking to a camera is just not my thing.

6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert ?

I’m an Ambivert !! I can talk for hours and make friends easily but there are times when I want to jump into a conversation but can’t. I like socialising but only at events where people talk and interact with each other. Invite me to a party with music and dancing and I’ll most likely cancel or sit in a corner reading a book.

7. Your favourite pizza toppings ?

Black olives, bell peppers, mushrooms and corn (no I’m not a vegetarian, but I prefer veg pizzas)

8. Do you keep a journal ? Why or why not ?

I’ve tried to maintain a diary on multiple occasions over the 22 years of my life and failed miserably !! I also tried to keep a bullet journal at the beginning of this year and failed because it only slowed me down further (despite not even trying to make it pretty). Apparently, I just find it easier to keep myself organised without journals and to-do lists.

However, I do keep a reading journal where I jot down favourite quotes, books I would like to buy in future and on rare occasions, reviews.

9. What’s your favourite childhood memory ?

All the times I spent with my dad. It’s difficult to choose a favourite amongst them. Also, listening to stories from my grandmother and great-grandmother. (I suck at doing favourites)

10. What’s some advice you’d like to give newish book bloggers ?

Hahaha ! I’m new here myself ! Anyway, if I HAVE TO give some advice, it would be to write what you want to and whatever you enjoy writing. Don’t just write about whatever’s popular in the blogosphere. Also, just putting up posts isn’t enough ! You need to let your presence be known.

11. What’s the longest book you’ve read in its entirety ?

The Tale of Genji. Now, I’m not sure if it’s the longest book I’ve read in terms of page count (I’ve read LOTR and the entire Mahabharata, so this is definitely not the longest) but it definitely felt very long !! If you read my previous post, you would understand what I mean !

Step 3: Now here are the 11 questions for the ones I tag –

  1. Your favourite fictional character of all time, just one ! (I know you’ll write more than one, but I like to be satan at times) ?
  2. A talent you wish you had ?!
  3. Genres you don’t like ?
  4. Your favourite cuisine ?
  5. What type of posts do you enjoy writing the most ?
  6. Your biggest blogging struggle ?
  7. If you had a pen name, what would it be ?
  8. Your favourite TV shows ?
  9. The most creative thing you’ve ever done ?
  10. Your hobbies apart from reading and/or writing ?
  11. A description of your ideal day.

STEP 4:  Tag 11 people. I tag/nominate :

  1. Delphine from Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads
  2. dbeautifulreads
  3. Katie from Read With Katie
  4. Arya from Arya’s Fangirl Lexicon
  5. Michelle from Sherbet Lemon Reviews
  6. Valerie from Valerie’s Musings
  7. Ysabel from Shelf of a Bookworm
  8. Krista and Dawlyn from Little Blind Book Finds
  9. Christina from The Bookshelf Corner and Samantha from Blonde Vs Books
  10. Riley from A Blog To Listen Quietly To 
  11. Christine from The Story Salve

Yes, I cheated and listed 12 people !! I had to !! They’re all good and deserve the recognition !! If any of you have already been tagged, let me know !!

Wait for the weekend people ! My FIRST EVER Author Interview coming up !!


16 thoughts on “Award : The Liebster Award

  1. Congrats on the award! I loved reading your answers 🙂 Hmm I’ve never had pizza with corn before… it sounds like it wouldn’t be all that bad, actually. I am such a bad procrastinator as well haha but I think I might be getting better at it.

    Liked by 1 person

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