Tag : I Dare You Book Tag

Hello bookworms !!! Yes ! I'm doing a tag this Sunday, because I have a review to post on Thursday as part of a blog tour. Also, I'm making a presentation for a technical seminar while typing this post. I'm at my multi-tasking best today (well, tonight actually). By the way, is it just me… Continue reading Tag : I Dare You Book Tag


Award : One Lovely Blog Award

Hello everyone !!! As I'm writing/typing this post, I'm exhausted and so, I'm not going to spend time talking about random stuff. I was tagged by two of my lovely friends, Valerie @ Valerie's Musings and Katie @ Never Not Reading. They are both lovely bloggers and do check out their blogs. Thanks for tagging me. However, Katie… Continue reading Award : One Lovely Blog Award


Tag : The Get To Know Me Tag !

Hello !! I finally got a Twitter and an Instagram (or rather bookstagram) account !! Although I'm still trying to figure out how to convey my thoughts in 140 characters 😕 and a suitable theme for my bookstagram account [It'll probably remain theme-less (is that a valid word ?)] Anyway, my first TAG !! I found this tag on Jackie's… Continue reading Tag : The Get To Know Me Tag !