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Q & A Session : Indian Independence Day Edition

Hello everyone !! Edit : Yes I'm editing to add this at the beginning. I just realised it's the Parsi New Year. So to all Parsis, Navroz Mubarak !! A month ago, I put up the announcement post for a Q&A session about India. This is in celebration of 70 years of Indian Independence. 15th… Continue reading Q & A Session : Indian Independence Day Edition

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What I’m and will be Reading : My Current TBR

Hello everyone !! How's the weekend going. Before I get to this, if you're new to my blog, do check my Q&A announcement post and leave a question if interested (This will be on every post for a month people, Sorry about that) If you read my TBR tag post, this is my current TBR.… Continue reading What I’m and will be Reading : My Current TBR


The Diversity Corner #2 : March Updates, Asian Representation, and April New Releases

Another discussion ? Ugh ! I know, but I couldn’t help it because being an Asian, this one’s important to me. This absolutely brilliant post by Puput @ sparkling letters discusses everything wrong with Asian representation in literature. Also, here’s a tip, if you don’t understand something about another culture, just ask people from that culture about it. Please don’t assume things, learn the facts. 

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments or head over to the original post and join the discussion there. 


Sparkling Letters


Hello everyone, welcome to the second edition of The Diversity Corner! ♥

ICYMI, I talked about Muslim representation in books on my first edition, you could read it here. Today I’ll be talking about Asian representation and I teamed up with several Asian bloggers to put this post together! 😀 But before we get there, as usual, I’m bringing you some diversity-related news and updates ♣

P.S. it’s gonna be long, so grab your drink, settle into a comfortable position, and read 😉

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