Reading Update

July Wrap Up !!

Hello bookish people !! It's the 6th of August, so wishing all you book lovers a happy friendship day !! Go hug and wish your books on my behalf. I'm currently facing a slump. Not just a reading slump but a life slump. I don't feel like doing ANYTHING. Hence, I haven't been commenting on… Continue reading July Wrap Up !!

Reading Update

What I’m and will be Reading : My Current TBR

Hello everyone !! How's the weekend going. Before I get to this, if you're new to my blog, do check my Q&A announcement post and leave a question if interested (This will be on every post for a month people, Sorry about that) If you read my TBR tag post, this is my current TBR.… Continue reading What I’m and will be Reading : My Current TBR


SFATW : Souvenirs From Around The World

Hello everyone !! This post is about the SFATW project hosted by Marie at drizzle and hurricane books and also to announce that I'll be participating in it. 😀 The purpose of the SFATW project is to get to know more bloggers better, connect with bloggers from around the world and share ideas and gifts (the gifts… Continue reading SFATW : Souvenirs From Around The World