Tag : Reader Problems Tag

Hello everyone !! Yup another tag ! There are many tags and awards to catch up with. There are also a lot of book reviews pending. I'm finally feeling the pressure of blogging. I'm loving it though.Despite how I also happen to be having a terribly busy month. Also, for the first time in YEARS,… Continue reading Tag : Reader Problems Tag


Tag : How I Choose My Books

Hello Everyone !! First of all, I have a request to all my fellow bloggers. Please DO NOT nominate me for the sunshine blogger award. I have been nominated 4 times now and I'm really grateful to all those who tagged/nominated me. Thanks for all the love. But honestly, I can't possibly answer more than… Continue reading Tag : How I Choose My Books


Tag : The Get To Know Me Tag !

Hello !! I finally got a Twitter and an Instagram (or rather bookstagram) account !! Although I'm still trying to figure out how to convey my thoughts in 140 characters 😕 and a suitable theme for my bookstagram account [It'll probably remain theme-less (is that a valid word ?)] Anyway, my first TAG !! I found this tag on Jackie's… Continue reading Tag : The Get To Know Me Tag !