Tag : The Get To Know Me Tag !

Hello !!

I finally got a Twitter and an Instagram (or rather bookstagram) account !!

Although I’m still trying to figure out how to convey my thoughts in 140 characters 😕 and a suitable theme for my bookstagram account [It’ll probably remain theme-less (is that a valid word ?)]

Anyway, my first TAG !! I found this tag on Jackie’s blog (Which is brilliant. If you haven’t checked it out, please do.). Also, I don’t know the creator of this tag, so can’t credit them. Since I’m new to the blogosphere, I thought it’s perfect for a first tag. Alright, Hopefully you’ll read through the whole post 😛.

            VITAL STATS  

Name : Vrinda

Nickname : V, Vrindu, and my mom calls me pretty much anything she can think of (some of which aren’t even proper words, they’re just random syllables.)

Birthday : December 16th

Star Sign : Sagittarius

Occupation : I’m a graduate in Electronic Engineering and am currently preparing for the entrance test for Post Graduation.


Hair Colour : Brown

Hair Length : a few inches above the waist

Eye Colour : Brown

Best Feature : My eyes and Uhhhh…. my height ? (Can height be considered a feature ?)

Braces : No. Although my teeth are all aligned in different angles (though it isn’t quite evident), I think my imperfect teeth look good on me.

Piercings : Just the usual ear piercing.

Tattoos : None. Unless you consider the temporary tattoos that came free with bubblegums or the umpteen times I’ve applied mehendi (henna) on my hands.

Right Handed or Left Handed : Right handed and like most other annoying righties, I’m very fascinated by the way lefties wield their pen.


Real Holiday : (What even is a “real holiday” ?) The earliest I remember was a vacation in Indore (It’s in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India).

Best Friend : Hmmmm… that would be Athira and Parvathi from kindergarten. Still in touch with Parvathi.

Award : Does a second prize in a fancy dress competition in 1st grade count ? Other than that, probably a maths and science Olympiad in class 3.

Sport : I suck at it. First one was probably a sack race in kindergarten (at that age, that’s a “sport”, so it’s counted).

Concert : Lagori (It’s an Indian Band), about 3 years back. Not a concert person really. I prefer listening to songs on the cord.


TV Shows : Friends, Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Crown, The Night Manager, Mom, Melissa and Joey, House M.D, Malgudi days (Non Indians – it’s based on a collection of stories, of the same name, by R.K.Narayan and is a recommended (by me) read), ek tha rusty etc etc. Also, does anyone know where I can find episodes of small wonder ? (Does anyone here even remember that show ?!)

Colour : I don’t have a favourite colour. I like them all.

Songs : There are too many songs (both old and new ones) in Malayalam, English, Hindi, Tamil and Punjabi. 5 languages to cover, so see the problem ? Currently listening to all of The Beatles’ songs on loop.

Restaurant : Don’t have one. I love food 😍, Period.

Shop : Any independent bookstore.

Books : Who asks a bibliophile to name favourite books ? That’s not fair. Off the top of my head (In no particular order), Absolutely any of Ruskin Bond’s works, To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee, The foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov, HP series, The Hobbit, LOTR, Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, The Godfather, The Cherokee Trail by Louis L’amour and a lot lot more.

Shoes : Anything that fits and are NOT heeled.


Feeling : Tired, tensed and excited.

Single or Taken : Single. Been single all my life.

Eating : I just finished breakfast (Dosa).

Thinking about : Exam. Should be studying, why am I typing this instead ? Why did I start this blog this month ?

and also about all the lovely bookish mails I’m yet to receive.

Watching : Myself type on my laptop (obviously !)

Wearing : Salwar and Kurti.


Want Children : Yes !! I absolutely love children (most of them).

Want to be married : Sure ! but first let me get my own life straight (if not straight at least a bit less messy).

Careers in mind : Design engineer. Maybe start a bookstore after retirement (I dream of things far into the future).

Where you want to live : Right where I am. Bangalore, India. Other places are fine for a vacation but home will always be Bangalore. ❤💖


God : Yes ! But I don’t believe in praying for every small thing.

Miracles : Maybe I do.

Love at first sight : NO !! You could be attracted to someone but love takes time.

Ghosts : I don’t know what I believe when it comes to ghosts.

Aliens : Yes, in a way. I believe there’s a possibility of aliens existing. But if they do exist, I hope we don’t discover them, we’ve ruined one planet and the different species on it. That’s more than enough.

Soul mates : Yes ! But I don’t believe they need to be romantically involved. You could find a soul mate in a friend or a cousin or (in rare cases) even siblings. Just anybody who your soul perfectly connects to.

Heaven and Hell (Combining these two) : Again, I don’t know. I don’t ponder about what happens after death.

Kissing on a first date : First of all, this isn’t something that’s based on belief. Would I kiss someone on a first date ? That depends on how much I trust the person and how comfortable I am with them at the end of the date (So probably no 😝)

Yourself : Yes ! If not at my ability to succeed, then at least at my ability to screw up. I believe in myself either ways.


I’m pretty sure most people I know or follow have already done this tag. So I tag the following people (Because I know they haven’t done this tag) –


Shelley @ celestial reveries

Sophie @ Sophie’s Corner

Never Not Reading 

And anyone else who wants to do this tag, do post a link to your tag post down in the comments, so that I can read them all.


19 thoughts on “Tag : The Get To Know Me Tag !

  1. Wow! Design Engineer? I’m pretty intimidated right now (haha) with the regular literature and French degree. I love the giphys you use here – so funny!
    I look forward to reading your book reviews in the future!
    Happy blogging and Happy reading 🙂
    (I just may tag myself here :))

    Liked by 1 person

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